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Making it onto the small screen as an actor is one thing but doing it as a director is another thing entirely. Director’s in film production companies in Kenya organize, facilitate and capture the desired footage that will ultimately make up a film. While their day-to-day responsibilities may differ based on the medium in which they’re working, they are always the authority figures on set. In most Film production companies in Kenya, directors have a hand in the creative process of all the three production processes. So even though s/he may not be editing the footage themselves, the director oversees that work is being done in their vision.  In the pre-production process, directors work on storyboards and frames, locking in locations, developing a shoot schedule and casting bit and guest roles. If the project is lucky, directors try to create a period of rehearsal before shooting but in the rat-a-tat pacing of film production, that’s a luxury that many series simply don’t have.

Directors find themselves working off-set during post production to shape the final product. As mentioned before, directors here take on a much more supervisory role and work closely with the editors.

film production companies in Kenya

A lead director might not be the only director on set. When working on a TV film, there will be a number of first or second assistant director, sometimes even a third depending on how big the film set is. The director supervises cast and crew and works round the clock make sure filming is on schedule and is responsible for eliminating and minimizing hazards on set.

If you want to be a great film director, start small. Get a job in a production company and learn the ins and outs of a day in production. Examine what the director does and pick up on how it all fits together; how the director works with the writer, the actors, the crew and the editors. While working and doing all you can to excel, leave a positive impression and build meaningful along the way. If you truly have a passion for directing, then you’re also going to find any means possible to create your own work.

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