Film Production in Kenya

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Film Director In Kenya

Directing Film in Kenya


Firstly editing is the process of preparing language, images or sound through correction, condensation, organization and other modifications in various media. No production crew is complete without an editor and any Film Director In Kenya knows this. It’s generally a practice that includes a precise set of methods. Documentary production and editing in Kenya and around the world use different methods. A video editor should first master the edit types and learn the importance of each so as to make their projects entertaining and efficient.

Here are different types of cuts that leading production houses in Kenya use:-


These are utilized when you want to cut from clip to clip without using any type of transition. This is the most common cut and doesn’t really invoke any meaning.


It allows the editor to jump forward in time. A great place to use jump cuts is during an interview, especially if you film the interview with multiple cameras. It allows you to jump from one angle to the other without it being jarring for the audience. This method was used in all videos included corporate and documentary videos.

3. L and J CUTS

These are incredibly common and get their names from how the clips line up in the editing project file. Cut means hearing the audio from the previous clip even though we’ve moved on to another shot. So the viewer is looking at Clip B but still hearing audio from Clip A.  This type of editing technique leads viewers by giving them spatial information and audio.

The J cut is the opposite of L Cut. The viewers hear the audio before seeing the video. So, the viewer is looking at Clip A but still hearing audio from Clip B.


The idea here is to rapidly cut images to help convey the passing of time or to aid the context of the narrative.


They give extra context to the scene, and can create more tension and foreshadowing. They are used as transitions to give the audience a view of what is happening outside the main character’s environment. In documentary work, the cutaway is used much as it would been fiction. Most cutaways are used to cover jump cuts.

Film Director In Kenya

Corporate video production editors may collaborate with the director and producers on the style of the show, and once it is set, the focus is on supported that direction reflecting the feel of the show and the performance of characters. The editors must adapt their editing pattern and pacing based on the projects genre. All the leading production houses in Kenya use a mixture of all these methods to bring videos to life.

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