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If you are gearing up to shoot your film, video or pretty much doing any production work, don’t forget to take on-set photographs and BTS videos. This is one of the things that everyone knows but few production companies in Kenya do it. BTS photographs and videos are important as they can be used to promote your film. Use the photos and short video clips in your social media pages. BTS footage and still-set photos are a great source of gathering interest for your project. Insignia production, a top video production company in Kenya, had a BTS video of New Beginnings a show that revolve around a coma patient who wakes to find his wife has moved on and is married to his best friend.  In the BTS video clips that aired after the episodes, the director, Philippe Bresson explains how the journey has been and his experience on working with the actors.

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Sometimes the director can decide to appreciate the crew and the only way to do so will be by use of BTS videos and photos. It is unprofessional to choose any picture that is not related to your show to push your project. The BTS photos can also be used to put together a poster that the director can use to secure funding for their next film. Distributors can also use the photos and videos as well.

When a director holds a seminar about a certain film topic, they can use the BTS videos and photos when highlighting a specific film or name. Production companies in Kenya should always remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so getting the best promotional BTS videos and photos is more powerful than a couple of lines of text. It is so much easier and better to get your film the attention it deserves when you have images and footage that you can use to gain a following.

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