Film Post-Production in Kenya

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Film production companies kenyaFilm Post-Production Kenya

This process is done after the completion of filming. The editing, musical score, visual effects, and sound effects are mixed to create the final film, which can then makes way to a screening.

Film production companies Kenya also use this phase to market the film, such as the release of trailers and posters.  Once a final film has been approved by the directors, it is then taken to the distributors who then release the film.

It is important for producers and directors to make sure they have reliable storage for the footage they spent hours shooting.  Editor are  crucial in post production, video production  company in Kenya works with either full time or freelance editors. Editors should always read the scripts from the footage shot that day to make sure they have a clear understanding of what they are working on before they start working their magic.  With the help of the directors, they should cut the film how they believe is most advantageous to the story. The first draft of the film is called a Rough Cut or First Cut while the final version is called the Print or Answer Print. Editors also adjust the volume levels, eliminate anything too distracting, they basically make sure everything sounds just right.

Color grading

As long as the film is ready, a colorist comes in and digitally alter the shots where necessary. They lighten the frames and adjusts hues for continuity as well as to reflect the scene’s tone.

Film production companies kenya

Film production companies kenya

Talking with SDE about Insignia Production which is video production company in Kenya, Philippe Bresson, top video director in Kenya said that he enjoys coloring, “When I color a film or series, it’s always magical. The colors bring to life the piece I am working on. If you watch New Beginnings, that’s a new color science that I explored with.”

Film production companies in Kenya also make use of posters that they use to campaign or push the show. Make sure the images, credits and taglines on your poster, captures exactly what your film is about in a clear and engaging way. Its also important to include the time and day it will air.

Finally, remember to do your one to two minutes trailer so as the push your show. Make it as interesting and captivating as possible.

Post-production takes times and maybe exhausting, but if you understand these basics, it’s manageable.

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