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Philippe Bresson

Philippe Bresson – Director

Top Film Director Kenya

Philippe Bresson began his journey as an innovative Director of Photography and audio/visual consultant for media outlets and production houses in Nairobi, Kenya. Unsatisfied with the quality of video productions coming out of Kenya, Philippe established Insignia Productions i n 2007 with the goal of revolutionizing the Film and TV Production Industry in East Africa. Under Philippe’s leadership, Insignia Productions has progressively raised the standards of film production and continues to lead its competitors in the search to satisfy clients and audiences.

Kalasha Nominated Best Cinematographer

Philippe Bresson, 2017 Kalasha Nominated Best Cinematographer, Bresson is a highly creative and versatile media and motion pictures professional. He tells stories with moving images in an exquisite and exceptional way, with a clear understanding of the backbone of any narrative. He is an entrepreneurial and innovative director, filmmaker, editor and corporate video producer. Incredibly driven, optimistically ambitious, grounded and focused. Philippe is an ideas person with a productively creative mind.

Top Film Director Kenya

He has a passion for films and music, as well as photography and creative art. He spends most of his time developing innovative works and producing creative projects for clients. He’s written, directed, edited and produced a number of commercials, promos and music videos. Philippe has a genuine passion to get the very best out of every project. With over 7 years experience in the Kenyan TV and Film industry this AMVCA and Kalasha nominated film maker is a talent to watch.

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