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Production companies audio visual provides basis for fields of interactive arts, video, film, television, radio and websites. Film production companies in Kenya consists of director, producer, editor, designers and crew. In the case of television, a production company would serve under a television network. Production companies in Kenya are usually run by the director or producer who work hard to make sure of its success. Their success mostly depends on the talents they acquire, projects they produce and most important the performance of the talents.

The talent stretches from the writers, actors, project directors and crew all together.  Starting and running a production company isn’t easy and requires patience. A decade after they established Insignia Productions, which is a leading film production company in Kenya, the duo of Philippe Bresson and Grace Kahaki say all they wanted was to bring creativity and change the film industry. There was a lack of great quality productions and this was a basis for the duo’s inspiration.  Having a purpose and working towards their visions made their TV show, Changing Times and only four months into it, the show won a Kalasha award. It also had the great number of actors that went on to become huge social media stars.

Their marketing strategy also plays a major role in the growth of the company. Unlike other video production companies in Kenya, they do not rely on regular revenue stream, they operate on ongoing investments since their only source of profit comes from the productions or projects produced. In some cases, the director hires only a handful of people since the company is operational when there is an ongoing project hence most of the crew and talents work as freelancers. The company has 12 permanent staff, 3 editors, two producers,  two directors and production assistants.  During production, the director oversees the pre-production, production and post-production process to make sure that the shoot goes as planned and avoid mistakes that can be rectified before they wrap.

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