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Having a good storyline, a capable crew, good actors and an amazing set design may all be essential components to creating successful film but it also has to look visually compelling if you want it to have meaningful impact on the viewers.  Insignia production, a top video production company in Kenya director, Philippe Bresson, advices that proper lighting techniques are essential in creating stylized and natural looking film scenes that look much closer to real life. Film sets always seem to be overly lit or packed with many different light sources that serve different purposes. Some of the major lights used in film production in Kenya include: –

  1. Key light

It is the main light of a scene or subject hence the strongest light on set.  It is mostly the first light to be set up and can be placed anywhere but one should avoid placing it near or right beside the camera as this will create flat and direct lighting for your subject.

  1. Fill Light

It is used to remove the dark, shadowy areas created by the key light. It’s less intense and placed in the opposite direction of the key light so that the videographer can add more dimension to the scene.                                  top video production company in Kenya

  1. Backlight

This light is used to create a three-dimensional scene, which is why it is the last to be added in a three-point lighting setup. It faces the subject a little higher from behind so as to separate the subject from the background.

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  1. Bounce light

This is achieved when you literally bounce light from a strong light source towards your subject or scene using a reflector.  This creates a bigger area of light that is more evenly spread out.

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  1. Sidelight

It is placed from the side parallel to the actor. Cinematographers advices that it’s best to use it without the fill light or have fill light ratio very low. They are ideal for revealing production in Kenya

  1. Practical lights

This is the actual light within the scene itself. This can be a lamp, a TV, or candles. Socialites, a TV reality drama produced by Insignia Productions that airs on ShowMax, has good night scenes that were shot using practical lights. As practical lights may not be easy to work with since candles are typically not strong enough to light a subject, a hidden supplementary light maybe be used so the lights intensity can be changed.There is no right way to employ lighting design. A scene could be lit in different ways by different cinematographers, each altering mood and overall impact of the image. Any Top video production company in kenya uses the following methods to make a film visually compelling.

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