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Script writing is one of the things that is done in the pre-production process in film making by all top production companies in kenya. After identifying the script writers that you would like to work with in your project, holding meetings and workshops will help to brainstorm through the storyline and get new ideas. This will also help you as a director to allocate episodes and titles to your writers.  Knowing your writers strengths and weaknesses also helps in knowing who will write the first few episodes. To help your producers with planning, have a deadline of when the scripts should be delivered. The workshop process are vigorous and require immense creativity. The team is expected to come up with ideas and then break them down into story lines, arch and cliff hangers. In some cases, creatives are invited to be part of the workshops but do not write any of the episodes that have been brain stormed.

Top production companies in Kenya

Insignia productions, one of the top film production companies in Kenya, ensures that they hold workshops with writers in between shoots.  As you continue with the production process,  it is important to have workshops and have writers watch completed episodes together to check on the actor’s performance and the flow of the story. This will enable them to know which episode was written better and which one was not. Also, an actors performance can influence the birth of a certain story line, and this means a supporting character developed into a main supporting and sometimes a main supporting character.

After writers start sending in their first drafts,  video production companies together with there directors go through them to make sure that they are as per the agreement. If they need changes, the director writes a second draft that will be used for production.

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