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Top film director kenya philippe

Top Kenyan Film Director

In this article we explore writing for TV with Top Kenyan Film Director Philippe BressonFilm production in Kenya has come a long way and made great strides over a very short period of time but still, there are a few leading production houses in Kenya.  Television has been an excited medium for writers because they get to control from the stories that are told to how the sets should be and its Top Kenyan Film Director that bring this vision alive. This applies to Documentary production in Kenya and all over the world as well, a good script sets the pace.

Top Kenyan Film Director

We have produced over 12 tv shows in the region and continue to inspire Video production in Kenya  and Africa as a whole. TV scripts don’t have to resolve every story right away. Every episode concluded on its own , but they don’t have to be wrapped neatly as the stories and characters can grow in the next episodes.

To write a good script for a TV drama, you have to 1st introduce your characters and present the problem. This is to enable your viewer have a clear understanding of who the main characters are and their roles in the play. Intensify the problem then have a worst-case scenario and finally make your characters reach their moment of victory. With these four elements, you’ll be able to write good scripts that can be made into films.

It’s also helpful to think about how you want each of your acts to end as you begin to lay the structure from your episode. Work these out ahead of time and properly set your story up for them, rather than dumping a twist at the end of each act just for excitement’s sake. With the growing number of very experienced film crew in Kenya,  competitiveness is on the next level leading to greater quality content both in writing and production .

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