Favorite Landscape Documentary Shots

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TV Commercial Production in Kenya

When we talk about favorite landscape documentary shots, two projects come into mind. Kenya ports authority and Burudani Tv Ident shoot. Any Leading production house in kenya can appreciate The scenery in kenya and for both projects it was breath taking  to film and had so much fun bringing to life this projects.


This icon shot of the Masaai jumping was filmed on a phantom 4k drone, directed and shot by Philippe Bresson. It looks even better on video but here’s a grab from the actual footage and more reason as to why insignia is a Leading production house in kenya. 

Leading production house in kenya


We were commissioned by Redhouse Agency to produce this breath taking informercial on behalf of kenya ports authority. We knew from the onset we were not going to film talent so we geared up on lenses and drones to get beautiful scenic shots of the port in Mombasa. Here is one of our favorite shots from the port of Mombasa, they wanted the video to document the journey of the port and the plans for the future.

Leading production house in kenya

We had 100% artistic freedom with both projects. For the burudani project we had to explore with hyper lapse film making which took a lot of time. We shot it in 5 counties across the country. Kenya ports documentary was lots of good whether by the beach and slow shoot days cause of the humid whether in Mombasa. Both projects were headed by Grace Kahaki and Philippe Bresson as director/producer duo.

Check out the link to the video here.

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