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Project Category: TV Commercials

Our client ProfConnects was introducing their new platform for Professionals to Connect in the Kenyan market. A platform that connects service providers with customers in need of their services, making it easy to find verified professional services.
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These were a series of videos we produced for Blueband to acknowledge that the pandemic had changed the way Kenyans celebrate Christmas.
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Standard Chartered Bank introduced a new SC Digismart account and this was the TVC produced by Insignia.
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Indomie was first introduced in Kenya in 2009 under the distribution company, Salim Wazaran Kenya Company Limited (SAWAKE). With the aim of expanding the brand awareness and product across kenya, insignia productions was the perfect patner to design their 2020 marketing campaign. Supa mojo being the key product to push, we came up wth the jiamini campaign across all mediums. The campaign did very well because of its 360 aproach by our team of creatives.
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Swvl is the premium alternative to public transportation in Egypt and kenya. Through there app, you can book fixed rate affordable rides on existing routes. They offer affordable, quality, convenient and reliable everyday bus rides. This tvc capture the experience of being in town and hustling a ride out of town, giving swvl as the best alternative option.
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The road to a thousand miles begins with one step. From the world outside to the one within, you are the woman of today and she is free. This year, embark on a journey with us that sets you apart, under the splendid colors of the African sun and the beguiling mysteries of the Savannah moon.
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Hurricane is a toilet cleaner manufactured by Supersleek Ltd in Kenya. The following video is a TV Commercial shot and produced by Insignia Productions. The concept of the video played around the statistic of how long the average person spends in the toilet, so if you are going to spend so much time there, it should be a clean soothing and peaceful experience. This TV commercial was filmed and produced by Insignia Productions.
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This is part of our 3 part series for Radio Maisha. Currently airing on local TV station KTN. This promo was created, produced and filmed locally in Nairobi, Kenya
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This a TV commercial we produced for the energy drink VITA 500. We follow a woman frustrated of having to always succumb to certain roles, she finally has enough and uses the drink to convince her husband to give her a break, she gets to enjoy the drink in peace.
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