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Project Category: Documentaries

A short film documenting the journey and milestones of Dawa Life Sciences, and the ambitious future ahead.
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Work celebrating this year’s IOC Young Leaders- Pauline Msungu from Kenya.
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Insignia was selected by Sangeetha Iengar to film and produce her Ted Talks session in Nairobi, Kenya . Sangeetha is a human rights barrister, writer and activist passionate about supporting the rights of the most vulnerable members of our global community.
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Kenya Ports Authority was marking a landmark in their journey. This infomercial/ documentary a video chronically the journey and achievements through time that KPA had made. The video mixes stop-motion, time-lapse, and graphics The video was shot on local at the ports in Mombasa, Kenya by Insignia Productions.
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This video was part of a short film series by the telecommunications company Safaricom. The video tells you a story of a father and how he utilises the money services especially Mpesa to make payments and pay for his children's school fees.
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