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Top documentary production company kenya

Sometimes we don’t use our video production equipment, this happens especially when we are not in the field shooting videos. We want to see our video production equipment used here in Kenya as much as possible. Hopefully we want to be able to help out filmmakers. Those who might not have the budget to buy or rent the equipment they need.

Top documentary production company kenya

Insignia Productions owns high-end film and documentary video production equipment that you can hire including Video Cameras, Tripods, Camera Lights, Three-Point Lighting Kits, Shotgun Microphones, Boom Poles, Shock Mounts, Audio (XLR) Cables. We also have Wireless Microphones, Portable Digital Audio Recorders, Headphones, Light Reflectors and Lenses.  DSLR Shoulder Mount Rigs to Specialty Gear for the “Cool” Shots.

Get in touch now if you would like to make a booking or have any questions about any of our equipment or packages.T

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